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Brian Jungen, The Moon & Printmaking Show

I had an enjoyable time at the Printmaking Show Reception a few weeks ago. And a week later, I learned that, happily, my print, Smarten Up, had sold. Since then, I've been working on two more prints that I'll post when they're further developed. In the meantime, here's some photos of two shows I went to… Continue reading Brian Jungen, The Moon & Printmaking Show

Exhibits & Performances

Kusama Exhibition

I'm a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. As a  member, I had the chance to see a preview of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit on Thursday. Getting a ticket for the show was a very long process. I was in a virtual line for 7 hours and could only do that because I… Continue reading Kusama Exhibition

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In the Clearing

The textile show opening that I mentioned in my last post was enjoyable. Since then I've continued painting and I'll post some of that work in the future. I also continue line drawing. This past weekend, the weather was a lot milder and we went for a walk in a park that is part of… Continue reading In the Clearing


Gaudi’s Roofs

Some of the most amazing parts of the Gaudi houses that we saw in Barcelona were the roofs. Instead of having the more usual chimneys and vents which he considered ugly, he created sculptural structures, sometimes covered in mosaics, that served the same functions but that he found beautiful.  Walking on the roofs of Casa… Continue reading Gaudi’s Roofs

Exhibits & Performances

Design Exchange–This Is Not a Toy

 I went to an engaging art show last week with a friend. It's called This is Not a Toy and it's at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The show presents designer art toys that are "at the intersection of fine art, marketing, pop culture, product and graphic design." The sculptures felt both somber and playful to me and… Continue reading Design Exchange–This Is Not a Toy

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Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum–2

On Wednesday night, I returned to the Textile Museum to hear Jérôme Havre speak about his art work that's part of the Fictions and Legends exhibition. I've written about loving this show, so it was great to hear Jérôme tell us what the works mean to him. He finds it extremely important to speak about the thoughts… Continue reading Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum–2

Exhibits & Performances

Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum

There's a wonderful exhibit on right now at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto that I highly recommend.  I've been to see it twice and will be returning again. It's called "Fictions and Legends" and is the work of artists Heather Goodchild and Jérôme Havre. The beauty of this show is not only in… Continue reading Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum