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Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum–2

Jerome Havre Sculpture
Jerome Havre’s Work at The Textile Museum, January 2014

On Wednesday night, I returned to the Textile Museum to hear Jérôme Havre speak about his art work that’s part of the Fictions and Legends exhibition. I’ve written about loving this show, so it was great to hear Jérôme tell us what the works mean to him. He finds it extremely important to speak about the thoughts that he is expressing in his work.

He told us the whole installation is about identity and colonialism. The entire space–the painted walls, the soft sculptures, photographs of zoos and sounds of rain on a roof–represent a cage in a zoo. We, as the viewers, are therefore in the cage where he wants us to consider our own domestication as well as that of the figures he has created.

As before, I highly recommend this exhibit for the powerful work by both Jérôme Havre and Heather Goodchild.  If you’re in or near Toronto, it’s not to be missed.

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