Painting, Printmaking

Paint and Stamps

I had a great time at the reception for the Printmaking Show at Gerrard Art Space where I met some of the other artists and saw some excellent prints. After that and before going to Montreal for a sweltering!!! but great week, I finished a piece I've been working on that's a continuation of the… Continue reading Paint and Stamps



Over the past few weeks, I've been making rough proofs--trial prints--of several linoleum and soft linoleum blocks to see which, if any, I will enter into an international miniature juried print exhibition.  In these, I'm working on design elements mainly.  I printed the blocks on newsprint paper, taped them to bookcases to view and tried… Continue reading Proofs

Exhibits & Performances

Design Exchange–This Is Not a Toy

 I went to an engaging art show last week with a friend. It's called This is Not a Toy and it's at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The show presents designer art toys that are "at the intersection of fine art, marketing, pop culture, product and graphic design." The sculptures felt both somber and playful to me and… Continue reading Design Exchange–This Is Not a Toy



I don’t think of myself as a photographer, but since I take my camera with me most days, I’ve decided to show you some of the photographs I take.  The ones in this post are from the University of Toronto campus last week.     Sometimes a scene calls out to me to be taken in… Continue reading Photography