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Brian Jungen, The Moon & Printmaking Show

I had an enjoyable time at the Printmaking Show Reception a few weeks ago. And a week later, I learned that, happily, my print, Smarten Up, had sold. Since then, I’ve been working on two more prints that I’ll post when they’re further developed.

In the meantime, here’s some photos of two shows I went to last weekend in Toronto. The first is Brian Jungen Friendship Centre at The Art Gallery of Ontario. Jungen turns consumer objects–baseball gloves, Nike sneakers, golf bags, plastic lawn chairs–into indigenous masks, headdresses, totem poles, a whale skeleton and more. This was a fabulous exhibit. In the main room–a basketball court–filled with masks, headdresses and totem poles, I had a very positive feeling of awe and peace together that I can’t put into words. And the whale skeleton of lawn chairs seemed to me an act of genius.

jungen mask

jungen whale 2

jungen whale

The next show was The Moon at the Aga Khan Museum. It was both a tribute to the moon landing in 1969 and to the moon in Islamic art and thought over the centuries. One of the  objects in the exhibit was a very impressive moon sculpture, five metres in diameter, by Luke Jerram of the U.K.  A very meaningful part of the exhibit for me, in this time of extreme divisions in the world, was a quote on a wall by Rumi: We see the same moon, you and I. 



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