Gaudi’s Roofs

Some of the most amazing parts of the Gaudi houses that we saw in Barcelona were the roofs. Instead of having the more usual chimneys and vents which he considered ugly, he created sculptural structures, sometimes covered in mosaics, that served the same functions but that he found beautiful.  Walking on the roofs of Casa Batllo and Casa Mila was a surreal experience, particularly on the roof of Casa Mila. Here, we felt in the presence of sci-fi creations. It was quite a mind-altering experience walking among these giant beings, looking down on the roof tops of surrounding houses.

Casa Batllo Roof:

Batllo 2016-05-20


Casa Mila roof and view of buildings below:

Mila Op 2016-05-20

Mila Roof 2016-05-20

From Mila Roof 2016-05-20


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