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Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum

Fictions and Legends
“Get Behind Me,” closeup of a hooked wall hanging by Heather Goodchild–Fictions & Legends

There’s a wonderful exhibit on right now at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto that I highly recommend.  I’ve been to see it twice and will be returning again. It’s called “Fictions and Legends” and is the work of artists Heather Goodchild and Jérôme Havre. The beauty of this show is not only in the excellent art work of the artists, it’s also in the display of the work. As a viewer/participant you are immersed in environments that have an air of mystery and magic.

Fictions & Legends
From “And His Countenance Fell” by Heather Goodchild–Fictions & Legends

In Heather’s part of the exhibit, you enter a room that simulates a tent. Heather has silk screened canvas panels with quotes from the Odes of Solomon and mandalas and designs. Through flaps of the tent you are invited to enter a series of smaller rooms and spaces in which you come upon Heather’s haunting hooked wall hangings and sculptures. All of them raise questions–what’s happening here, what’s the story?

Fictions & Legends
Soft Sculpture, part of the Hybrid Series, by Jerome Havre–Fictions & Legends

A large adjoining room holds Jérôme’s work. Here, you step into another environment of boldly painted walls, photographs, sound and Jérôme’s amazing hanging and standing soft sculptures.  These creatures combine features both human and non, again evoking questions and feelings about what their stories might be and what they are telling us.

Fictions & Legends
A close up of one of Jerome Havre’s patchwork sculptures–Fictions & Legends

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