Mirrors of the Heart


Mirrors of the Heart is in its 4th printing. I created the card deck in 1994 from 44 different linocuts that I carved, hand printed and then had reproduced through offset printing.  I wanted the cards to bring encouragement to people and so I came up with the theme of favourable images.

At the time, my love of tarot cards led me to create Mirrors of the Heart.  With the explosion of decks in the 1980s and 90s, I decided to make an original auspicious deck.  And because I’m a printmaker, linocuts were my chosen medium.

The deck is made up of 43 cards plus a title card and information card. They are bold black on white card stock and measure 3½” x 5½”. On the back is a linocut of two birds with the deck title and contact information.  

You can use the cards as an oracle, as affirmations everyday or on holidays, birthdays or all manner of anniversaries. You can also create your own readings with Mirrors of the Heart, use the cards for teaching, workshops and creative explorations.

The decks cost $38.00 CAD. To purchase, either go to my etsy shop or  contact me with any questions you have. Shipping costs include only the price of postage and packing supplies. I ship worldwide by Canada Post.

To see all the posts with images from the deck, go to the Mirrors category.

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