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Brian Jungen, The Moon & Printmaking Show

I had an enjoyable time at the Printmaking Show Reception a few weeks ago. And a week later, I learned that, happily, my print, Smarten Up, had sold. Since then, I've been working on two more prints that I'll post when they're further developed. In the meantime, here's some photos of two shows I went to… Continue reading Brian Jungen, The Moon & Printmaking Show

Exhibits & Performances

Kusama Exhibition

I'm a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. As a  member, I had the chance to see a preview of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit on Thursday. Getting a ticket for the show was a very long process. I was in a virtual line for 7 hours and could only do that because I… Continue reading Kusama Exhibition

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Black Waterfall

Here's 2 photos I took today at the Art Gallery of Ontario of David Milne's Black Waterfall. This is the painting I love that I wrote about in 2014 and included in my last post, A Poem for an Old Woodcut. David Milne lived from 1882 to 1953 and as far as I can tell it appears that 50 years… Continue reading Black Waterfall

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Back to the Gallery

I returned to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) this week during my wanderings. I sat for a while near windows looking onto Dundas Street, the busy street the Gallery fronts onto.  I liked the echoing patterns of the trees and frosted glass through the window. Later I sat in the Grange and did another… Continue reading Back to the Gallery

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Meandering Around Toronto

Yesterday, on my wanderings around Toronto, I stopped into the AGO--the Art Gallery of Ontario. While there, I had lunch and afterwards did a few contour drawings, something I haven't done in many years.  Contour drawing is a type of drawing in which you don't look at the paper, but at what you're drawing.  You look… Continue reading Meandering Around Toronto


View from the Art Gallery

On March 15, I was playing around with the panorama setting on my phone while at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Here's the result from the spiral staircase leading down (in our case) from the top floors. For those of you not from Toronto, the white and black elevated slab is part of the Art… Continue reading View from the Art Gallery


Spiral Staircase at the Gallery

I was at the Art Gallery of Ontario yesterday.  The new buildings were designed by the architect Frank Gehry.  One very beautiful part of the new design is a spiral staircase.  I took this photo while walking down from the fourth floor. I like the image because it's one of those that makes you wonder… Continue reading Spiral Staircase at the Gallery