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Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum–2

On Wednesday night, I returned to the Textile Museum to hear Jérôme Havre speak about his art work that's part of the Fictions and Legends exhibition. I've written about loving this show, so it was great to hear Jérôme tell us what the works mean to him. He finds it extremely important to speak about the thoughts… Continue reading Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum–2


Raining Cats and Dogs

Our cold weather gave way to warmer temperatures earlier this week. And then yesterday and early today, came a big rain. So in keeping with the weather, here's a linocut I made many years ago. It's a small print called Raining Cats and Dogs, made under my birth name, Susan Barsel, ©1984.


Photographs Through the Streetcar Window

I enjoy the layered images and reflections I get when photographing out windows. One evening last week, while taking the King Streetcar eastbound in Toronto, I shot these photographs. In addition to the play of inside/outside, there's also the slush on the window and the blurring of images from movement making some of these look… Continue reading Photographs Through the Streetcar Window

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This Body is to Ask

A few years ago, I came upon This Body is to Ask in a used book store and bought it.  It is terrifically inspiring, leading me to recently reread it.  The book was compiled by Marsha Connell and Maureen Hurley, who were Artists in Residence in schools in Sonoma County, California. This book, from 1993, contains… Continue reading This Body is to Ask

Exhibits & Performances

Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum

There's a wonderful exhibit on right now at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto that I highly recommend.  I've been to see it twice and will be returning again. It's called "Fictions and Legends" and is the work of artists Heather Goodchild and Jérôme Havre. The beauty of this show is not only in… Continue reading Fictions & Legends at the Textile Museum