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Last week we rented a cottage in Meaford, a small town to the northwest of Toronto. It was a peaceful break from the noise and busyness of the city. We took two beautiful hikes on Trout Hollow Trail which felt wonderful since we haven't been on wooded trails since the beginning of the pandemic. Here's… Continue reading Vacation

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Milne on my Travels

Recently we were travelling in the countryside in Ontario where we spent some time on Lake Kashagawigamog. On the grounds of what was once a resort, I sat on the screened-in porch of the former lodge, turned community centre. There, I felt transported back to David Milne's time. He was fresh on my mind after my last… Continue reading Milne on my Travels

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Captivated by Autumn

I have loved this autumn.  Last week, I was on the grounds of Todmorden Mills Heritage Site to see an art exhibit and enjoy the still colourful day before the more muted part of autumn arrived.  A few years ago, I started experimenting with black and white photography in the fall just to see what would arise in… Continue reading Captivated by Autumn


Interiors–The Student

I'm settling in and returning to blogging after our computer shorted out and burned internally a few weeks ago.  Now I'm learning a new system.  The photo in this post is one I took in Dec. of 2012, part of the series of interior photographs I've been taking.  I shot the image in black and white… Continue reading Interiors–The Student


Interiors–Broken Bowl Photo

This broken bowl, a common object, caught my attention with its beauty. I was drawn to the reflections on the side of the ceramic, as well as the bowl's shapes.  I used a black and white setting to emphasize these.


Photographs of the University

Yesterday, I walked through parts of the University of Toronto.  In the midst of the city are places like this one that feel like sanctuaries to me.  I took these photos at the Munk School of Global Affairs.  I found the corridors beautiful and was interested in the patterns the late afternoon light made--the interplay… Continue reading Photographs of the University