Cat in the Window

While I was out walking yesterday among old houses and gardens returning to life, I saw that I was being observed. A cat in a window and I watched each other for a while and then I took out my phone and photographed the scene. Later I changed the image into a black and white… Continue reading Cat in the Window

drawing, Photography

Back to the Gallery

I returned to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) this week during my wanderings. I sat for a while near windows looking onto Dundas Street, the busy street the Gallery fronts onto.  I liked the echoing patterns of the trees and frosted glass through the window. Later I sat in the Grange and did another… Continue reading Back to the Gallery


Photographs Through the Streetcar Window

I enjoy the layered images and reflections I get when photographing out windows. One evening last week, while taking the King Streetcar eastbound in Toronto, I shot these photographs. In addition to the play of inside/outside, there's also the slush on the window and the blurring of images from movement making some of these look… Continue reading Photographs Through the Streetcar Window