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Community Banners

I love seeing creative work outside museums and galleries--work done by artists and non-artists alike. So I was delighted to see colourful banners made by community members along the main street of Consecon when we were on vacation. In case the writing on the last banner is too small for you to make out, the… Continue reading Community Banners

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This Body is to Ask

A few years ago, I came upon This Body is to Ask in a used book store and bought it.  It is terrifically inspiring, leading me to recently reread it.  The book was compiled by Marsha Connell and Maureen Hurley, who were Artists in Residence in schools in Sonoma County, California. This book, from 1993, contains… Continue reading This Body is to Ask

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Children’s Mural

I took this photo in mid December and thought it would be right for a very young 2014. In a small park, behind the main traffic on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, are three murals by children that I love seeing whenever I walk by. Here's one and a section of another. Good health and love… Continue reading Children’s Mural

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Finding My Way

When I was around 16, I made a pastel drawing of lilies of the valley in a ceramic bowl.  I loved those flowers and was very happy with what I’d done.  That drawing was saved, I don’t know by whom, and now hangs on the wall of one of my relatives.  When I saw the… Continue reading Finding My Way

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Art and Intuition

I no longer have any art work that I did between the age of three and my early twenties, other than one or two pieces that are now on relatives’ walls.  I would love to see some of that lost work today.  I have, however, kept a small sketchbook and index cards from the late… Continue reading Art and Intuition

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Childhood Crayon Drawings

In the night, I remembered that I had two other very early drawings I made as a child of around three years old.  I located them on my second try—one of those cases where you know you’ve seen something, but wonder where you’ve put it.  This time, my memory served me well. I don’t know… Continue reading Childhood Crayon Drawings

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Welcome to Arts of May

Welcome to arts of may, where I’ll be showing you some of the art work I’ve done in my life.  I’m not famous—you will not have heard of me.  But creating has always played a central role in my life. I’m going to begin by showing you two very early drawings.  They’re on one little… Continue reading Welcome to Arts of May