Felt & Fabric

Felt Flower Bowl

A few weeks ago, I invited two friends over to make felt out of wool roving. I hadn't made felt in a while because of hand strain. But I knew I'd love to do so again and decided to go easy and do the work in small batches. On the day, we all used elbow… Continue reading Felt Flower Bowl


Don Jail Demolition

I am drawn to the sight of demolitions. This is partly because of the hidden views you get to see of structures that are in the process of being taken down. This building was a place of great suffering. It stood in a residential neighbourhood as opposed to an isolated place.  I imagine the houses… Continue reading Don Jail Demolition

Books, Poetry

March 13: Mahmoud Darwish

The great poet, Mahmoud Darwish, was born on March 13 in Palestine. Different sources have dated his birth to both 1941 and '42. He died in August 2008. At any rate, today I am celebrating his birth. His words have added more beauty to my life than I can adequately describe.  From the book The Butterfly's… Continue reading March 13: Mahmoud Darwish


Acrylic Self-Portrait–2

This is the second acrylic self-portrait in the series of three that I painted in 1991. It refers to surgery I had as a teenager. Painting helped me express some of the trauma of that experience and the life-long process of healing.


Acrylic Self-Portrait

Earlier this week, I found myself thinking about a series of acrylic paintings on paper I made in 1991. They are out of sight in a portfolio that I must get out and pay some kind attention to. This painting is from a self-portrait I did while standing in front of a long mirror. The… Continue reading Acrylic Self-Portrait