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Black Waterfall

Here’s 2 photos I took today at the Art Gallery of Ontario of David Milne’s Black Waterfall. This is the painting I love that I wrote about in 2014 and included in my last post, A Poem for an Old Woodcut. David Milne lived from 1882 to 1953 and as far as I can tell it appears that 50 years after an artist’s death, his or her work goes into the public domain. Hopefully this is so.

The first is the whole painting and the second is a detail showing him blending into the scene.




3 thoughts on “Black Waterfall”

  1. I grew up with a framed print of David Milne’s, that hung in the hallway of the little bungalow my family lived in. Art was very important to my parents, despite modest means, so a good print of an original painting was the way to go. This painting is a close up of fall maple leaves. His artistic expression of nature has left an impression on me, even though I was not consciously aware at the time. In fact, the more I think about it, the more of an impact I realize was made on me.Thank you Lily of re-igniting this awareness.

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