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Meandering Around Toronto

Yesterday, on my wanderings around Toronto, I stopped into the AGO–the Art Gallery of Ontario. While there, I had lunch and afterwards did a few contour drawings, something I haven’t done in many years.  Contour drawing is a type of drawing in which you don’t look at the paper, but at what you’re drawing.  You look at the edges, both outside and within your subject and you let your pencil or pen follow the slow path of your eyes.  Often, the lines on the paper seem strange and hard to define, but I find them more alive than some of the lines I make out of habit when looking at a page.  I have returned to contour drawing as an exercise in being present and as a way to go beyond notions of worthy and unworthy artwork.  Here’s a contour drawing of a chandelier and top of door frame.


When I left lunch, I walked into a gallery where a single small white feather was on the floor.  I found this poignant in some way I can’t define.  Here’s the photo I took plus a close up to show what the white speck is on the floor.



Later, I walked up through the city to the University of Toronto.  I love the campus grounds with the old architecture and green spaces.  There I came upon a lovely white magnolia tree.



3 thoughts on “Meandering Around Toronto”

  1. As someone who lived in Toronto and moved out of the city recently (not far) to be caregiver, I do enjoy my meanderings around Toronto. Hopefully our paths will cross some time. Enjoy, Harlon

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