We recently had our place painted. It involved packing up all our stuff, giving some of it away and moving it and furniture to the centre of rooms so the painters could get to the walls. During that time I drew boxes and disorder. Now that that's over, it's enjoyable to sit down and draw… Continue reading Bowl

Felt & Fabric

Felt Flower Bowl

A few weeks ago, I invited two friends over to make felt out of wool roving. I hadn't made felt in a while because of hand strain. But I knew I'd love to do so again and decided to go easy and do the work in small batches. On the day, we all used elbow… Continue reading Felt Flower Bowl


Interiors–Broken Bowl Photo

This broken bowl, a common object, caught my attention with its beauty. I was drawn to the reflections on the side of the ceramic, as well as the bowl's shapes.  I used a black and white setting to emphasize these.