Felt & Fabric

Felt Flower Bowl

Wool roving beginning to felt over glass

A few weeks ago, I invited two friends over to make felt out of wool roving. I hadn’t made felt in a while because of hand strain. But I knew I’d love to do so again and decided to go easy and do the work in small batches. On the day, we all used elbow grease, hot water and liquid soap. Each of us worked on different creations.  

Felt Bowl taking shape

Felt bowl taking shape

I decided to wrap wool around a glass and gradually form a vessel. And in keeping with my pledge to not do my hands in, I’ve worked on this little piece here and there for short periods of time and had a great time doing so. The photos show the stages the little bowl has gone through. It ended up looking a bit floral–in keeping with dreams of spring! The final photo shows it next to a bowl I made several years ago.

Felt Bowl

Felt Bowls

I’ve enjoyed this so much, I’ve begun making a flat piece of felt. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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