Line drawings–Interiors

I've been drawing what's around me--both grand and plain. When I'm at home, I enjoy paying attention to some of the things I see everyday that I might otherwise almost ignore. Here's several felt pen drawings from August and October of objects in the apartment.      


Interiors–The Student

I'm settling in and returning to blogging after our computer shorted out and burned internally a few weeks ago.  Now I'm learning a new system.  The photo in this post is one I took in Dec. of 2012, part of the series of interior photographs I've been taking.  I shot the image in black and white… Continue reading Interiors–The Student


Interiors–Broken Bowl Photo

This broken bowl, a common object, caught my attention with its beauty. I was drawn to the reflections on the side of the ceramic, as well as the bowl's shapes.  I used a black and white setting to emphasize these.