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Captivated by Autumn

I have loved this autumn.  Last week, I was on the grounds of Todmorden Mills Heritage Site to see an art exhibit and enjoy the still colourful day before the more muted part of autumn arrived.  A few years ago, I started experimenting with black and white photography in the fall just to see what would arise in a season that is so much about intense colour. I did this again last week and came up with this photo that looks, to me, a lot like a painting although I didn’t plan it that way.  It’s not edited, except to decrease the size for the blog post.


2 thoughts on “Captivated by Autumn”

  1. I have the same reaction, this photo is very painterly, a landscape from many years ago. I am drawn into the story, who lives in the house, who lives outside the house? Black and white, and more accurately shades of grey, are so evocative of our history.

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