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Polaroids in Montreal

I was in Montreal, Quebec last week where one day we went to the McCord Museum that we had not been to before. One of the exhibits at the Museum was the Polaroid Project showing work by many artists. Later, when I was in the gift shop, I saw that the Museum was lending Polaroid cameras to guests to use within the Museum for several hours. I had never owned a Polaroid camera and liked the prospect of taking some photos with one. So I borrowed a camera and wandered around the Museum for several hours, in and out of exhibits and looking at the building itself.

The camera had film for seven photographs and I chose each one carefully. Some, like the two below, I like. Others did not work as well. But all of them allowed me to explore seeing in a different time frame–not with the speed of the app on my phone. The contrast to the process of taking digital photos on my phone was stark.  Seven photos versus however many I wanted and could then carelessly delete or edit. And, of course, there was still, even in this age of a new technology a minute,  the magic of a physical object being produced that developed over minutes. I enjoyed this reflective process greatly.

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