Reading Old Prints

I’ll be showing you more photos from my trip to Spain, but meanwhile I’ve begun a project to transform many of my old prints into origami books. I first did this when I sent some prints as mail art, but haven’t continued sending them out. Here’s the plan which may change over time. I’m going to go through the lino and wood cuts I’ve made, save one or two of each for myself and make the rest into simple origami booklets. That entails cutting the prints (the most shocking part) and folding them. I’m going to then adhere some poems I’ve written onto the prints turned booklets.

Here’s the beginning of the first experiment, showing a pile of prints, one of them cut up and two folded booklets. I’ll show you some of the finished works later.Pile of Prints

Cut lino






5 thoughts on “Reading Old Prints”

  1. I am the lucky recipient of one of your earlier origami books from your prints. I think you are very brave to re-form your art work in this way. Would you say it is meditative to work with your creations from years ago? I am a great believer in mixed media, as it enables us to use the materials at hand, that speak to the intention of the work.

    1. Thank you for the thought provoking question. I haven’t thought of the work as meditative. It feels more that I am joining parts of my life. It dawned on me that in a way it’s not about making different, separate artworks from the same print. What it is instead is an artwork over time, in which I’m completing something that was interrupted by decades or that has evolved over decades. This, too, may change further over time.

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