I returned from a trip to Spain last week. I travelled with my husband to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Granada and Sevilla and saw many beautiful sights, ate fabulous food, felt the sunshine and warmth of the weather and the people. While away, I didn’t do any drawing or writing other than keeping track of our excursions in a journal. But I took many photos that I’ll show you over the next while.

One of the most moving experiences for me was seeing the architecture of Gaudi who I felt was one of the greatest artists whose work I have seen. In Barcelona, we visited Casa Batllo, one of the houses he designed in the early 1900s. What impressed me the most was that no detail was too small for the architect. He paid attention to everything–from the large shapes, the stained glass, the mosaics, down to the shapes of the handles on the doors. Here are some photos inside Casa Batllo that I took.

Batllo5 2016-05-20

Batllo4 2016-05-20

Batllo1 2016-05-20


4 thoughts on “!Spain!”

  1. What a wonderful trip. My husband and I went on a break to Barcelona a few years ago and would love to return. Such an inspirational place. I would love to see more of Spain too.

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