Birth of the Goddess Linocut

  In keeping with prints on the theme of birth, here's a mythological scene I hand carved and hand printed in 1974. I did several prints at the time on imagined goddesses. This is one of them, in celebration of spring.


Early Linocut–Monk Bird

  As I meander through the art work I've done, I wanted to show you this linocut I made when I was just learning printmaking. I called this print "Monk Bird" because I thought the bird looked like a monk of sorts. The photo here is of a proof I made, meaning it's not one of… Continue reading Early Linocut–Monk Bird

Exhibits & Performances

Design Exchange–This Is Not a Toy

 I went to an engaging art show last week with a friend. It's called This is Not a Toy and it's at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The show presents designer art toys that are "at the intersection of fine art, marketing, pop culture, product and graphic design." The sculptures felt both somber and playful to me and… Continue reading Design Exchange–This Is Not a Toy