Early Linocut–Monk Bird


Monk Bird Lino
Monk Bird linocut, copyright Lily S. May under former married name, 1971

As I meander through the art work I’ve done, I wanted to show you this linocut I made when I was just learning printmaking. I called this print “Monk Bird” because I thought the bird looked like a monk of sorts. The photo here is of a proof I made, meaning it’s not one of the finished edition or set number of prints. I was still learning to be steady with the block and not blur the image as I hand printed it.

This is another subtraction print in which I carved the same block in stages for each colour. I was inspired by the powerful shapes in Inuit prints I saw around Toronto at the time. The print has an interesting story connected to it. It was part of a group exhibit shown at OISE–The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. There, the print was stolen from the wall. At the time, I was not disturbed by this. I felt it was a complement of sorts, though it would have been nice to receive payment for the print.

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