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Paper Quilt from “Flower Elephants” Linocut

I’m continuing to refashion my old linocuts and woodcuts.  I’ve been thinking of quilting some of my prints for a few years and decided to begin the process with this small 5 x 7 inch linocut.  Once again, my aim was to do the work with a sense of freedom.  That’s why I used large… Continue reading Paper Quilt from “Flower Elephants” Linocut


Photographs of the University

Yesterday, I walked through parts of the University of Toronto.  In the midst of the city are places like this one that feel like sanctuaries to me.  I took these photos at the Munk School of Global Affairs.  I found the corridors beautiful and was interested in the patterns the late afternoon light made--the interplay… Continue reading Photographs of the University

Mail Art

Mail Art from Portugal

2013: This week I received a wonderfully colourful envelope from Ana Isabel Morais in Portugal.  Thank you Ana Isabel!  Inside were many paper cutouts that will be great for collage work.  On the envelope itself, the blue plastic tape with Portugal embossed on it took me back to embossing machines we had when I was a youngster… Continue reading Mail Art from Portugal

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Roots and Ruins

As I’ve continued looking through my old prints and refashioning them, I came upon another linocut I made in the 1970s that I called Roots and Ruins.  This is a scene from my visits to the Virgin Islands years ago.  A favourite site of mine was a place, now wooded, which had once held a… Continue reading Roots and Ruins



I don’t think of myself as a photographer, but since I take my camera with me most days, I’ve decided to show you some of the photographs I take.  The ones in this post are from the University of Toronto campus last week.     Sometimes a scene calls out to me to be taken in… Continue reading Photography

childhood art

Finding My Way

When I was around 16, I made a pastel drawing of lilies of the valley in a ceramic bowl.  I loved those flowers and was very happy with what I’d done.  That drawing was saved, I don’t know by whom, and now hangs on the wall of one of my relatives.  When I saw the… Continue reading Finding My Way