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Folded Linocut Booklet

Origami Booklet from Linocut by Lily S. MayThis is another folded booklet I've made in the past month or two from an old linocut.  It was an image of a mythological mother nature becoming a tree and was another subtraction print.  That is, I made it from one block that I progressively cut away and… Continue reading Folded Linocut Booklet

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Roots and Ruins

As I’ve continued looking through my old prints and refashioning them, I came upon another linocut I made in the 1970s that I called Roots and Ruins.  This is a scene from my visits to the Virgin Islands years ago.  A favourite site of mine was a place, now wooded, which had once held a… Continue reading Roots and Ruins

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Surprise Folds

Surprise fold booklet by Lily S. May, 2013I did indeed use the fold out booklet I wrote about on Feb. 2 as a model.  Again, I was happily surprised at the variation that I discovered. Booklet with surprise folds by Lily S. May, 2013This mail art booklet is 5” from point to bottom and 2 ½”… Continue reading Surprise Folds

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First Mail Art Received

I’ve received my first mail art, in response to work I sent out in early February.  Hélène Lacelle of Goop Gallery in Ottawa sent me three terrific pages of an altered book in a floral plastic sleeve.  These were enclosed in a brightly printed envelope.  In my eagerness to see the work, I peeled off… Continue reading First Mail Art Received

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Fold Out Booklet as Mail Art Model

Fold Out Booklet made from old linocut by Lily S. May, 2013I’ve continued turning some of my old prints into booklets and sending them out as mail art.  The one I’ll show you today I’ll be keeping for a while.  It’s a happy accident that I want to use for reference for other booklets.  I… Continue reading Fold Out Booklet as Mail Art Model

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Old Prints, New Booklets & Mail Art 2

I’ve sent out another booklet as mail art, this time to a friend who’s also an artist.  This was the first book I complied.  It’s made of two prints.  I placed the smaller book upside down inside the large one and sewed them together. Kapoks Touching, which you can see in my last post, forms… Continue reading Old Prints, New Booklets & Mail Art 2