Paintings I’d Forgotten About

When I began looking into self publishing a retrospective book of my prints, I saw that it might not be simple to do. Indeed, that’s the case. After stalling because of extremely high prices for scanning the works, I’ve adjusted my plans and will do something more modest–like creating a section of my site devoted to my prints.

In the meantime, I also continue going through my old work in different media as well as sorting through objects I’ve accumulated over time. I’ve begun giving away some of these.

Recently I came upon three acrylic paintings that I barely recall doing. The first one, in particular, reminds me of a larger work I did that I posted on August 15th. All three of these rediscovered paintings feel related in their spontaneous style and in their depiction of some kind of pain. They were done a year before the larger Moon/Skull Portrait and are all a little darker than they appear here.

Moon Portrait, Acrylic Painting, 1990, by Lily S. May signed with birth name.
Wounded Bird, Acrylic Painting by Lily S. May, 1990
Portrait of a Woman, Acrylic Painting by Lily S. May, 1990, signed with birth name.

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