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Map of the Body

Here’s a poem I began a few years ago that I made some small changes to today. The inked linoleum block that follows the poem was not done in response to it but seemed to fit.

Map of the Body

The body is a map in relief
carved by the nail of time.

The body is a wood engraving
incised by a series of artists
searching for beauty
attempting to correct their errors.

She bears 
a long scar
like a sealed fold
in a tree trunk.

She is the impression of scars,
the impression of travels.
soon she will disappear
and dissolve in the rising sea.

The body lies down alive
beside grave stones
to become accustomed
to travelling
into mist.

Sleep envelops her.
she floats, 
she becomes the other,
becomes the wings of the poet’s butterfly, 
one male and one female,
broken and whole.
the nail of time.
the engraved and the engraver.
Carved and Inked Linoleum Block, Lily S. May

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