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Make It Small

I’ve been rereading some of the poems I wrote years ago. Here’s one from 2013. I’ve changed a phrase and the order of some words, but the feelings remain the same for me. Reading my work with fresh eyes has given me the push to take up ongoing writing again which I had let slide.

Make it small
like my body is
less than five feet tall
make it small
like a molecule
or smaller yet, an atom
make it a small circle
on the ground
of twigs and the shells
of robins' eggs that we loved
when we were young
make it small
our whispered sounds
of grief and praise
this memorial for what we are losing
make it small
so we escape
and its armies
crawling the land

make it small
of seeming unimportance
as you and I return
into the night
our love of this small world
in these pebbled offerings
held in our torn hands.

You can also find me at artsofmay.etsy.com

2 thoughts on “Make It Small”

    1. Thank you for your feedback on the poem. And for telling me about the problem. It looks ok here even after I cleared my history etc. I’ll bet the problem arose from my publishing the post privately at first to preview it since the preview function doesn’t seem to work for me anymore! Then I went through many steps getting the post public and to publish immediately instead of back in time. I won’t repeat this strange process again.

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