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A Strange Somewhat Creepy Occurrence

I don’t often use the notes app that’s on my phone. So, earlier this week when I opened the app and saw long rambling words, in bold no less, I was at first mystified. I took the following screen shot, then deleted the supposed note after seeing its date.

I then remembered where I had been that day. The words “they are all magnificent” was a clue to me. I had been at a wonderful store called Pealac Rug looking at some throw rugs with the owner Nima. I ended up buying two that were made in Afghanistan. Pealac Rug will be closing at the end of February after being in Toronto for 21 years and I wanted to make sure I got there once more before it closed.

The weird thing about the note is that I had no idea my/our voices were being recorded in garbled or any fashion. I recall opening the app in the store to check on the sizes of rugs that would fit in my and my husband’s apartment. For the dictation to have happened, it meant that I had to have somehow activated several keys without being aware of doing so. I thought about the possibilities for something far more disturbing than a strange mystery quickly solved. Big brother and all that is not only watching, but is listening and recording as well!

Screen Shot of Surprise Dictation
Linocut by Lily S. May, 1974

This is a linocut I made in 1974 under a former married name, Susan Barsel-Herman. For more about my names, see my About Page.

You can also find me at

7 thoughts on “A Strange Somewhat Creepy Occurrence”

    1. Thank you. I’m glad to hear you like the linocut. I’ve deactivated dictation in my settings and figure I can turn it on occasionally if I ever find it helpful. However I certainly don’t want that feature on when I’m not at home.

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