60 – 40

I’ll return to showing photos from my trip to Italy, but first wanted to post this block print I made this week. I carved the print from a rubbery material that’s easy to carve yet that gives smooth crisp edges. This helps me counter repetitive strain from years of printmaking. I didn’t plan the image ahead of time because I enjoy the energy I get from working more spontaneously.  Since returning from Italy, I’ve done a few line drawings of my impressions of Venice and needed to do more work.

As I carved this print, and saw it was an animal, I thought of the terrible recent news from the World Wildlife Fund that the population of wild animals has decreased by 60% since 1970!! I can see the animal in this print being either a ghost of the 60% or one of the 40% whose life may also be imperilled.

Here’s the block and print laid out on wild Mexican oilcloth that covers my work table:

And here’s the print on its own:

7 thoughts on “60 – 40”

    1. It is an interesting way to work. I just start with a few lines or shapes, see if they remind me of anything or if adding another shape works and go from there. Sometimes it comes together as a work, other times not. It’s the element of surprise I like.

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