In the Beginning

This is the 2nd block print that I've carved out of softoleum over the last two weeks. Softoleum is, as its name suggests, a softer than linoleum carving material. This print, like the one in my previous post, is around 4" x 6". I adapted the print from a line drawing I made a few years… Continue reading In the Beginning



I've been drawn back to my old love of printmaking these past few weeks. I've been carving a soft rubbery-like block of a product called softoleum. This is the first of two prints I've made so far. As I worked on it, it seemed the animal was saying something about the human hand in the… Continue reading Intelligence

Painting, Printmaking

Joy and Despair

This painting began as one related to my father as a teenager.  That image is now hidden under a layer of red and yellow paint.  I was unhappy with the quality of that image because I found myself working in a tight fashion.  In an attempt to free myself, I painted lines and shapes with… Continue reading Joy and Despair