Painting, Printmaking

Joy and Despair

This painting began as one related to my father as a teenager.  That image is now hidden under a layer of red and yellow paint.  I was unhappy with the quality of that image because I found myself working in a tight fashion.  In an attempt to free myself, I painted lines and shapes with gestures that felt more energized.

This is what followed.  It surprised me with its joyful air because I began the work on a day of despairing over the latest scientific warnings about climate change.  Painting the image raised my spirits even as I thought: This beautiful world that we desecrate.  At different points in the process, I was reminded of a Persian carpet and the ocean.  My enduring love of seashells has entered the painting.

I used acryl gouache paint and, again, added some directly printed impressions of stamps that I made years ago.

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