The Rose Tattoo Linocut

I have one of my favourite linocuts hanging in my work room.  Here’s a photo of it, wrinkles and all.  I made this linocut in 1990 under my birth name, so not to wonder what’s up with the name—if you’re interested in such things.

Rose Tattoo Linocut
Rose Tattoo Linocut, copyright Lily S. May under birth name, Susan Barsel, 1990

I call this print The Rose Tattoo after a dream I had near the end of 1989.  (I record my dreams, finding them a source of creativity and inspiration.)  In this dream, there was a man with one hand and an unusual face who had beautiful rose tattoos on his body.   When I made this linocut, I didn’t try to replicate the dream in a realistic way, but used it as a jumping off place.  This is what I came up with.

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