Mirrors of the Heart Card Deck, Printmaking

Mental Gymnastics in Printmaking

When I did printmaking I greatly enjoyed the mental gymnastics that were part of the process.  First of all, you have to consider that everything you carve prints in reverse.  This requires particular attention when you include words or numbers in the image.  I recall times when my mind wandered and I found myself carving… Continue reading Mental Gymnastics in Printmaking

Mirrors of the Heart Card Deck, Printmaking

Mirror Images

By the time I reached my mid 20s, I had become wary of courses in art.  And, so, I set out to teach myself, as much as was possible, how to make linocuts and woodcuts.  Outside of one or two prints I’d made in high school art classes, printmaking was a new venture for me.… Continue reading Mirror Images

childhood art, Mirrors of the Heart Card Deck

Art and Intuition

I no longer have any art work that I did between the age of three and my early twenties, other than one or two pieces that are now on relatives’ walls.  I would love to see some of that lost work today.  I have, however, kept a small sketchbook and index cards from the late… Continue reading Art and Intuition