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Birds, The Sun and a Collage

The weeks before and after Christmas were hard ones, what with much cloudy wet weather in Toronto and the fear inducing news about Omicron. I found that walking in the neighbourhood helped. The appearance of a flock of birds was a welcome surprise and rescue. The occasional hawk or two gliding above the ravines was another sight I loved as was the clearing of clouds when the sun broke through and blue sky appeared.

This week it is colder with more days of sun and today a delightful encounter of wildly chirping house sparrows in shrubs and trees right above me on my walk. I had put aside a collage/mixed media piece I began a few weeks ago, but have worked on it this week again. I’ve used two early linocuts in this piece, plus felt pens, water soluble pencils and crayons. I’m not sure if it’s finished. I’ll post it again when or if I add to it.

Collage, mixed media work, Lily S. May, 2021-2, 9″ x 12″
The sun! and purple shadows, Jan. 3/22, while out walking in Toronto

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