From My Sketchbook

In the evenings, I often sketch imaginary images in a variety of sketchbooks. Some of these images influence other work I do, some feel like extended doodles with no need to be anything other than themselves. Here are several recent images that I’ve made with felt pens.

The divided image below did influence the scratchboard, Springtime, that I later made. Though the theme in Springtime is different, it began as two enclosed but related images.

Sketch by Lily S. May from May 9/21

I can imagine the following sketch as a print or scratchboard drawing, though I haven’t translated it into another medium at this point.

Sketch by Lily S. May from June 21/21

If I’m feeling anxious, I have recently turned to symmetry to help me. That’s what I did in the following sketch. It’s not totally symmetrical but the repetitions were calming.

Sketch by Lily S. May from August 19/21

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