drawing, scratchboard

Springtime 2

I know it’s just turned summer. But here’s the scratchboard drawing, Springtime, I’ve been working on. I’ve continued to work on the areas of light and dark and have experimented with colour. I used pigment felt pens in this first trial. I’m going to see if acryl gouache works well on scratchboard on a new work I began a few days ago. I’ll show you how that goes when I finish it.

Springtime, scratchboard drawing with added colour by Lily S. May, 2021

8 thoughts on “Springtime 2”

    1. Hi. Thanks very much! Scratchboard comes in paper and boards. I’m using a board because it’s sturdier. It’s coated first with a thin smooth layer of white clay, then with black ink. I use a sharp object–a knife and tools sold for scratchboard– to make lines and shapes in the ink, revealing the white underneath.

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