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The Care of Latent Kittens

In 2010 or so, a dream I had caught my imagination to such a degree that I spent several years writing stories about it. That dream, that I’ve only referred to in one or two previous posts, was this:

I saw a notice attached to a tree trunk at the edge of a woods. The notice listed two courses being offered, one of which I was eager to sign up for because I’d always wanted to learn to work with animals. The course was called “The Care of Latent Kittens.”

I decided to write as spontaneously as I could to see what the course might be about. I also decided that latent kittens would be an actual living, known animal that didn’t need an explanation, much as, say, an elephant or whale would be known. And they would not be young cats.

I often found myself writing in a somewhat formal voice, that of one of the professors offering the course. Her voice was humorous to me though the topic was and remains serious–attempts to save endangered animals and to counteract the destruction of life by human caused global warming.

A few years ago, I took the first chapter of this saga and drew the words and images with felt pens in a small sketchbook. I’m going to post the 44 pages in that sketchbook over the next while.

To be continued….. the care of latent kittens 2

2 thoughts on “The Care of Latent Kittens”

  1. The dream I can’t shake, that returns in various configurations, is being lost in a strange city with a destination I never reach, like the White Rabbit, I’m late & I keep hearing what the dormouse said, which makes dreams so great! Thanks for sharing.

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