drawing, scratchboard

Scratchboard Houses

During the pandemic, I’ve been out walking on streets of houses surrounding the neighbourhood that I live in. I always take solace from the trees and gardens I see. But I’ve been surprised at how the look of some of the houses improves my sense of well-being. In particular, I often love looking at the space between houses to see the backs of houses and trees on more distant streets. This is new to me and I sometimes feel that I’ve been transported back to scenes that I found beautiful in childhood but cannot now fully recall. Other than that, I have not found words to describe the feelings. Thankfully, there is also drawing as a way to express things beyond words. The scene in this scratchboard drawing arises from these feelings.

12 thoughts on “Scratchboard Houses”

  1. When I first saw your drawing, I thought, what a nice linocut…! it seems to me that you think in a “graphic way” and it really shows that whatever you do, the carver in you is never far. It is a lovely piece!

  2. I love this work! I’ve long had similar feelings walking streets of houses and apartments. Truly magical and transporting! Beyond words, indeed.

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