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This and That

In December, I saw a tree near the Allan Gardens Conservatory in Toronto in full sun. I believe the tree is a sycamore or plane tree. With the sun full on it, the tree appeared to give off light. Here’s one of the photos I took of it.

In December, I also received a surprise nomination for the Real Neat Blog Award.  Though I ended up not taking the steps to actually receive the award, it was great to be nominated. Thank you petrel41 at Dear Kitty. Some blog!

This week, I finished carving the series of 4 block prints I’m going to enter in The Heart Show later this month. I’ve printed them and they’re now drying. Below is the inked block of Hearts of Air. Yes, the block has a pink surface!

5 thoughts on “This and That”

      1. I’ve used all 3 methods at different times. In the block here (and the others in this series) I first made a simple line drawing in a sketch book. Then I drew a rough likeness on the block and began carving. I still make many decisions as I carve about texture and movement of the gouged lines. That way the process remains interesting to me—what to leave solid, what thickness gouge to use, etc.

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