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Griffin Poetry Prize

Griffin Poetry Prize 2013
Griffin Poetry Prize 2013–Shortlist Anthology

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that I have begun writing over the past several years.  Reading and hearing poetry is a large part of my education as I learn to develop my capacity to write poetry–to closely observe life and put the observations into words.  

Last night I went to Koerner Hall in Toronto to hear the Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist readings.  This was a terrific event.  It was the second year that I’ve attended the reading which I plan to go to again.   Seven poets–four international and three Canadian–read their work in this beautiful hall. Listening to poetry being read is an experience we don’t often have,  but one which can be deeply meaningful–as it was last night hearing these excellent poets.  Today, the two winners–one international and one Canadian will be announced.

Koerner Hall
Waves of wood below the ceiling in Koerner Hall where the Griffin poetry readings were held, June 12, 2013

The poets are:


Fady Joudah, translator, and Ghassan Zaqtan

Jennifer Maiden

Alan Shapiro

Brenda Shaughnessy


David W. McFadden

James Pollock

Ian Williams

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