Mail Art, Printmaking

Small Collages Out of Old Prints

Collage Card by Lily S. May
Collage card by Lily S. May made 2013 as mail art

I often find that during the process of making art work, I experience physical pain from repetitive movements.  Oil painting at an easel was the only pain free work that I’ve done.  And so, a few weeks ago, I took a break from making booklets out of old prints and rose from sitting to standing.  I then made a few small collage cards using an old colour woodcut, some linocuts, a photocopy of my favourite fortune cookie fortune and pigment markers.  I’ve sent out one of the collages as mail art and will send the others out in future mailings.

Collage Card by Lily S. May
Collage Card by Lily S. May, made 2013 as mail art
Collage Card
Collage card with fortune, other side of image directly above, Lily S. May, 2013

Having given my body a break, I’m back to making more booklets and I made a couple of origami models from halves of another print.  I’ll show you these soon.  As I varied the work, I found new ideas arose that I will soon follow.  The creative process for me has always taken its energy from rambling.

Woodcut, Lily S. May
Woodcut by Lily S. May (under former married name), 1972, used in collage cards.

About the colour woodcut I used in the collages—it was a favourite of mine, again from the 1970s.  It’s another subtraction print, using one piece of wood that I carved away and printed in stages.  I thought of the image as an ancient rock painting.

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