Mirrors of the Heart Card Deck, Printmaking

Mirrors of the Heart Card Deck

Mirrors of the HeartMirrors of the Heart–some of the cards in the deck–by Lily S. May, copyright 1994

Like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day.  And because of that, I’m offering up some hearts from the card deck I made in 1994.  Mirrors of the Heart grew out of my interest at that time in tarot cards.  I thought of each card as being a quality that the heart, or at least my heart, desires.  It’s an oracle deck, a deck for storytelling.

 The deck has been the largest single project I’ve ever created.  I remember feeling a strong sense of accomplishment in taking the deck from the stages of thought and intuition through to carving the 44 linocuts that comprise it. 

Mirrors of the HeartSome cards from Mirrors of the Heart card deck, copyright 1994, Lily S. May

Over time, I saw the card deck as a sort of unbound book.  I’ve recently thought of this as I turn some of my old prints into booklets and send them out as mail art.

 May the heart be with you and may you be graced by love.

If you’d like more information about the Mirrors Deck, see my site or my etsy store. Thanks!

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