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BIMPE stands for Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition. The eleventh edition of that excellent show was due to take place in 2020, but you know what else happened then. The deadline for prints to be mailed in was in March 2020 and I had sent in my three entries by then.

Normally BIMPE would have travelled to three venues in western Canada later in the year. I imagine it was very disturbing for the creator and organizer, Peter Braune, to realize that would not be happening and to arrange to store prints from around the world for over two years. I’ve read in the catalogue that he has also been ill. Knowing that, I feel that his dedication to the exhibition is further revealed. He, with the help of jurors, volunteers and others was able to finally put on the show this November at a Vancouver gallery. Now it is also a virtual show that’s on until March 1/23.

I have participated in two other BIMPE shows and have had my spirits boosted by being in the company of excellent printmakers. This year I’ve taken screen shots from the catalogue of the marvelous first, second and third prize winners selected by the jurors and of my entries (but of course!)

It is sad, but completely understandable that this is the final BIMPE. Thank you so much to Peter and all the organizers and artists for these wonderful exhibits.

3 thoughts on “BIMPE XI”

  1. Poignant news. I am glad that the exhibit is happening and hoping that the organizer will make a fast recovery. I also hope the exhibit will inspire someone to revive the exhibit sometime in the future. Your works are so charming. Bravo.

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