Here are two monoprints I made in the early 1970s that, thankfully, I have kept. I came across them while organizing my prints. I only made a few monoprints because I was focusing on making woodcuts and linocuts. I made these two prints by rolling printing ink onto a piece of flat glass and then placing paper on top of the ink. I then drew on the back of the paper with sharp tools (I can’t recall what). One of the prints–Caught in the Rain–is the direct result of that process. The other print–The Thoughtful Bird–is a negative of another direct drawing I’d made on the paper. After lifting it off, I took a second rubbing of the ink that was left, with the dark blue lines on white paper showing up as white lines on a blue background. That print reminds me of an etching.

Caught in the Rain, Monoprint, 1973, by Lily S. May under previous married name

The Thoughtful Bird, Monoprint by Lily S. May, 1973, under previous married name

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