Photography, Printmaking


Since returning to Toronto from our week in the countryside, I’ve begun seriously organizing years of prints. Most recently, I’ve stored them in large boxes though in the past I had the larger ones rolled in tubes. I began printmaking in 1971 and have moved five or six times since then. So, as I was looking at one of the first prints I made, I acknowledged to myself the care I have taken in preserving the work these many years. That led me to decide to self publish a book showing my favourite work. The first step is a massive amount of organizing which feels rewarding to me.

As I work I am aware not only of what the images say about different periods of my life, but of the frailty of the papers. Many of them, like me, are old now. Who knows how long I and they will be around? Who knows how long the earth will be habitable? These are the thoughts I have while gathering this part of my life.

I have continued taking black and white photographs in the city. Here’s several, plus one of the few wood engravings I made in the 1980s–a self portrait.

Clouds over Toronto, June 9, 2022
Shadows at Brickworks Park, June 19, 2022
Pond with Waterlilies at Brickworks Park, June 19, 2022
Wood Engraving Proof by Lily S. May under former name, 1986

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