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Flying Cats

Recently I’ve become interested in the possibility of making comics. When I had the idea, I looked online for a book that might help me learn some of the basics. Right away, I saw a great book called Making Comics by Lynda Barry, whose comics I have always loved. I was able to get a copy of the book at my local bookstore and have begun doing some of the exercises. I like her focus on not trashing our own work. Rather the exercises allow for improvisations & explorations.

I’m doing some of the exercises alone, adapting the group ones for myself. This drawing is a variation of a homework exercise in creating animals large and small and then colouring the picture with crayons leaving no white space. This is what I came up with. I enjoyed the process. The image reminded me of some of the creatures I’ve carved in my linocuts. Some of the other exercises I’ve done have had more surprising results that I’ll post here soon.

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