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Juried Drawing 2022

I received great news last week that a work of mine has been accepted into a juried show in Toronto. It’s an online drawing show at the Aird Gallery that will begin in either late March or early May. I’ll post more information once I receive the details. Here’s the scratchboard drawing that got in:

Leaf Spirit, 5″ x 7″, Scratchboard Drawing on Panel, 2021, by Lily S. May

And an update on the paper maché mask I was working on. I followed the process through and made a small mask that I finished with felt markers and coloured pencils. I ended up not enjoying the process as much as I did in the past and have decided not to make further masks. However, making the mask helped me know what’s right for me at this point. I’m not left wondering if it was a road I should have taken, but didn’t even attempt.


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