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I’ve been thinking about the way I tend to work. Perhaps a good metaphor is the process of meandering in that I work in several media and wander among different ones as I move along. I used to criticize myself for this as if sticking with one medium was the only way to be a true artist, whatever that means. These days, I’m more accepting of myself. Maskmaking is one instance of this meandering. I hadn’t made any masks for years but have found myself doing so this past couple of weeks. When I finish the current mask that I spoke about in the last post I’ll show you what has come of it. Here’s a drawing of it with the first layer of kraft paper on the model.

Drawing–Papier Maché Mask in progress, Lily S. May

And here’s a drawing of a mask I made in the 1990s that’s hanging in my workroom. It’s got paint and papers as the final layer plus locks of my hair from a haircut I’d recently had.

Drawing–paper/papier maché mask hanging in workroom, Lily S. May

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